Roller Coaster
A Preview

"The air whistles past your face, your hands grip tightly to the bars, you begin to scream, your stomach has jumped out of your mouth...You get out with tingling hands, a trembling body and steaming eyes...and do it all over again!"

Everybody remembers their first ride in a roller coaster, an experience of terror, joy, and dreams. Towering over amusement parks, the curves and loops of these tremendous constructions are full of magic and memories.

Roller Coaster takes a breathtaking journey through the history of the rides - from Russian ice slides of the 17th Century and the golden age of the 1920s, to the dominance of parks like Disneyland, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Cedar Point today. Profiles of the legendary designers show the daring skill and technical brilliance which make the dream into reality.

From wooden wonders and steel coasters to twisters and corkscrews, the great rides of the past and present across the world are brilliantly pictured and discussed - even the dynamics of the thrill factor are explained.

Anyone who is fascinated by the ultimate dream-machine will love Roller Coaster.


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