Theme Park Queues
A Preview

Theme parks are great fun. Actually, let me correct that. Theme park attractions are great fun, the time you spend waiting in queues is not. Waiting sometimes over 60 minutes, with a bunch of strangers, is the reality we must deal with to experience the multimillion dollar engineering feats of today's theme parks.

Inside the Book
Tips - 12 pages
Building Excitement
Hints for Happiness
What-to-Carry Checklist
BYO Games
Avoiding Queues
Conquer Coaster Fear
Taking Coaster Photos

Activities - 56 pages
Who Goes First?
Front Vs Back
Riding Techniques
Practical Activities
Guessing Games
Word/Number Activities
Dreamy Ideas
Action Activities
Measuring Games
Sound Ideas
Brain Teasing Conundrums
iPhone / Mobile Internet Activities
Even More Activities

Trivia - 22 pages
Theme Park Attendance
Roller Coaster Records
Roller Coaster Variations
Roller Coaster Milestones

Notes - 14 pages
Rate the Attractions
Attraction Order Plan
Notes / Scoring Area


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