The David de Forest Morehouse Years (1921-1934)


One of the most famous of all the attractions in the Kursaal was the Water Chute. It was introduced in 1921, having been brought directly from Earls Court. It was one of the few rides in the grounds for which there was always a queue.


There were several roller coasters in the Kursaal, from 1894 up to 1973. The Harton Scenic Railway of 1910 was one of the earliest and survived until the closure of the park in 1973.


A view from the top of the old waterchute, taken about 1930. In the middle is the Aerial Flight, dating from 1894. To the right is the “Ice Toboggan”.


The Wall of Death was introduced to the Kursaal in 1929. It was advertised as America’s greatest thriller, and it is to be supposed that de Forest Morehouse saw the Wall at Coney Island. The earliest riders at the Kursaal were Marjorie and Billy Ward and Jack Cody.


The Mont Blanc ride was introduced in the 1930s by the Lecorgne family, and proved to be one of the favourites in the Kursaal Gardens.

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