The Old Roller Coaster at Margate

by Simon Vogel

The old roller coaster at Margate

Has thrown me back years, of a score

Where one day we went as teenagers

And the brakeman enticed, with a tour


Our hands held, with inky print boasting

It was destiny claiming our will

We were seconds away from just coasting

To be free falling right down the hill


There came butterflies in the stomach

The sea paid regard, with a wave

We thought, getting physics all flummoxed

Clinging closer, each other, we’d save


We were safely despatched at the finish

An experience shared, takes you far

And the best ride was not to diminish

As we whooped, while it looped us, the Star


Candy floss and a snog after

In the memory, hold long and dear

Together with plenty of laughter

Though far, have you parted from here


Tonight I will see you in Dreamland…..


Simon Vogel

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