Dreamland 2006

Welcome to our gallery of pictures of the park in 2006 - click on the thumbnails for larger versions.

The following photographs are courtesy of Phil Steadman/Coaster Force - June 2006.

A crisp photo of the Scenic Railway with the Wheel behind.


A nice selection of children's rides.  A new entrance for the Scenic Railway, which leads along a fenced path to the station. It seems odd, but this approach is quite normal in theme parks. A view of the path between the Scenic Railway and the fence. The fence on the right has been refused retrospective planning permission by Thanet District Council. The Scenic Railway station. The Scenic Railway in action, with the Giant Wheel towering above. Note the new signage on the Scenic.

The Scenic Railway in action. The brakeman slows the ride as it glides down the drop. The Scenic Railway station.      


The following photographs are courtesy of Ian Bell/Coaster Force - June 2006.

The Chaos ride. A very green looking view of the Scenic Railway. Inside the Scenic Railway workshop. The brakeman's seat.    


The following photographs are courtesy of Ian Collins - June 2006.

The Flying Coaster. The imposing Zipper ride.  The Fun House. Chaos in all its glory. The Dodgems. The Twist.

Jets. General shot of the park from the Scenic Railway. Photograph showing what appears to be damage to the Scenic Railway station roof. Music Express ride. The colourful Chaos ride. The old entrance to Dreamland, currently closed. Note the signs above the door pointing to the current entrance.

For full details, including prices, opening times and contact details, visit the official Dreamland website: www.dreamlandfunpark.com.

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