11. Tsunami

Tsunami will bring back memories of the much-loved Dreamland Water Chute, but this time on a much larger scale. Tsunami will become one of the park's main signature rides, and will draw people into the park from a wide area.

The ride follows a very similar principle to the original Water Chute. The boat slowly climbs the lift hill. At the top, the boat levels out and briefly riders will get a spectacular view of Dreamland below. Then the boat turns by 180-degrees before dropping down the steep slope into the water.

Unlike the previous Dreamland Water Chute, this ride will ensure that riders get soaked, as the boat creates a massive wall of water.

More details: www.hopkinsrides.com
Photographs courtesy: European Coaster Club

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Please note that this ride was named before the disaster on 26 December 2004.


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