38. Junior Whip (from Pleasure Beach, Blackpool)

The Junior Whip pictured at Pleasure Beach Blackpool in June 2008. (Photograph: Nick Laister).

A 2003 view of the ride. (Photograph: Gary Radice).

History: The Junior Whip opened at Pleasure Beach Blackpool in 1927 as the Fairy Whip. It was believed to have been originally located in Bingle & Bob's, the children's park set up that same year between the Jack 'n Jill Slide and the Scenic Railway. In 1934, it was moved to the replacement children's park, Emberton's Kiddies Park in 1934, where it was located immediately south of the Zipper Dipper. It operated until 2008, in recent years as Griffin's Magic Dragon, and in 2009 it was dismantled and moved to Dreamland Margate.

Dimensions: Not available.

Importance: Last surviving junior whip ride in the UK following the demolition and complete rebuild of the American Whip at Southend's Adventure Island in 2009.

Latest: Now in storage for use in the Heritage Park.

If you have any further information on the history of this ride, please email nick@savedreamland.co.uk.

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