Preston Rally 2006
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More photographs of our big weekend at Preston Rally. (Click here for Page 1).

The stand was manned throughout the weekend by (l to r): Mark Evans, Dave Collard, Susan Marsh and Nick Laister.

Campaign children seemed to love this little kiddie's car ride.

Susan Marsh and Nick Laister on the Big Wheel.

Susan and Nick riding high. "Is that really a queue at the Save Dreamland Campaign stand?" asks Susan. "I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that we aren't at the stand?" said Nick. "Perhaps we should do a few more rides - the Campaign could really benefit from that."

Dave and Mark take to the wheel, whilst Nick and Susan return to the stand. "There doesn't seem to be many people at the Campaign stand," says Dave, astutely. "Nick and Susan just haven't got it", says Mark, insightfully. (Fact: Susan Marsh actually signed up more campaigners than any other person. Ever. So don't believe everything Dave and Mark tell you).

On Saturday evening, the Campaign Team paid an unannounced visit to the 'All New Dreamland Fun Park'.

Paul Freeman, Sarah Vickery, Mark Evans and Dave Collard took a ride on the Dreamland Waltzer. One of them came off the ride somewhat worse for wear (clue: she is the one holding the bar tightly with both hands).

She struck fear into the hearts of Thanet District Council officers at the public inquiry in 2004 as the Campaign's advocate. Susan Marsh MBE looks brave as she prepares to enter Dreamland's new Ghost Train.

Campaigners take a ride on the Scenic. Left to right: Sarah Vickery, Nick Laister, Ryhannon and Paul Freeman and Susan Marsh. Dave Collard stands at the rear of the platform.

It is Sunday and the Save Dreamland Campaign is back at the Preston Rally for a second day. Sporting the new-look campaign t-shirts and baseball caps are, from left to right, Mark Evans, Dave Collard, Nick Laister and Ian Mansfield.

Dave Collard showing off the rear of the new Save Dreamland t-shirts.

Tireless campaigner Eric Marsh models the new Dreamland baseball cap and bags. These will be available on the website to buy online very soon.

Left to right: Mark Evans, Nick Laister and Dave Collard at the end of a successful second day. Click on the image for a close-up.

The two Scenic Railway dragons were kindly loaned by Paul and Rhyannon Freeman. As modelled by Dave and Mark.

The general consensus amongst those who stood in the field all weekend was that the event was a big success. Check out the News page for news of more Save Dreamland Campaign events.

The Save Dreamland Campaign would like to say thank you to the following people:

Thomas and Jimmy Henry-Botton who operated the Ferris Wheel at the Rally

Trevor Williams who owns the Dodgems and Gallopers, in particular for his assistance with allowing us to place our banner on his Dodgem track.

Paul and Rhyannon Freeman for lending us the dragons again.

Michael List Brain of Preston Services for allowing us free space at the Rally.

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