Preston Rally 2007
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More photographs of our wet weekend at Preston Rally. (Click here for Page 1).

The skies darken above the Rockoplane.


A charming array of vintage cars on display, despite the damp conditions.

Behind the gallopers and children's toyset can be seen the Campaign stand.

A few brave people watch the display of military vehicles.


Eric Marsh checks the structural integrity of the Campaign stand's roof to ensure that the weight of the water was not going to result in catastrophic failure.

Eric looks across at the families braving the rain to give their kids a ride on the toyset and thinks, "Why am I here?"

"Gosh, it's wet out there", muses Eric. The Campaign stand was destined not to open the following day.

The Campaign would like to thank:

Trevor Williams, managing the Fairground for the event and running his own Dodgems, Gallopers and other rides

Michael List Brain of Preston Services for allowing us a free place

Michael Cates the organiser

and the Volunteer from the Steam Museum, whose name we didnít get despite meeting him each day...sorry, who also advised and offered to get us off the field with a Land Rover if we got marooned.

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