by Phil Gould
: Added June 2011
The next major change was to take place in 1992 when Funshineland made way to Beaver Creek. The whole area was rethemed and Bradley Beaver adopted as its mascot. A children’s Log Flume was opened in July 1992 by entertainer Russ Abbot. This attraction had been built in house by staff. Eventually this theme was adopted by surrounding attractions - even down to the food outlet being christened Bradley Beaver’s Catering Company. A clown roller coaster was added along with some new rides but many of the vintage children’s rides were still being maintained as part of the new area. The Helicopters (albeit with planes attached too) were still in full flight, the Jolly Caterpillar was still bouncing along, the Teacups still spinning and the Mini Whip, Mini Turnpike and Zipper Dipper were all in operation. However the children’s playground and crèche were long gone. But the Candy House remained in situ.

Although many rides were still going others started to show signs of age. The Jolly Caterpillar was removed and the Fairy Whip - or Griffin’s Magic Dragon as it was known - ceased to operate. The latter ride was acquired by the Dreamland project at Margate so will see the light of day at another seaside spot.

Last July the Pleasure Beach announced that it was time to say bye bye to Bradley Beaver when it revealed that the whole area was to be re-themed as Nickelodeon Land.

For the time being at least, three attractions - the Tetley teacups (aka Crazy Daisy), Carousel and Thor’s Turnpike - have been given a home elsewhere on the Pleasure Beach - ensuring that a little part of the past still lives on.    

Beaver Creek, the 1990s revamp for Funshineland. Picture: Phil Gould


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