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The Last Night of the Fun House

Friday March 31st 2007 was the last night of operation for The Southport Funhouse. One reason that it had remained open - six months after the park closed - was to honour the bookings people had made.

As post-war Britain got back on its feet, so did the leisure market.

It was in the 1950s when Pleasureland saw a completely re-built Fun House (originally called the “House of Nonsense”) introduced to the park.

As a ten year old in the early seventies themagiceye remembers the excitement and the noise and the bright lights...and the gust of wind that greeted you as you entered.

Burns down the arms and legs were not things you sued for...they were part and parcel of the package. 

themagiceye remembers vividly the many times it attempted to turn full circle in the Spinning Tunnel (right) by pressing hands and feet tightly against the sides...only to have second thoughts when nearing the upside down position.

Adding "injury to insult" themagiceye would then invariably bang its head on the hard surface and become disorientated in the process.

Minor injuries back then were just proof that you had experienced such things as the Joy Wheel (also pictured right) and had a brilliant time trying to be the last person to fly off and hit the padded side.

Click here for a gallery of the last night of the Fun House.

The Fun House exterior. Photograph: themagiceye

The rotating tunnel inside the Fun House. Photograph: themagiceye

The Joy Wheel. Photograph: themagiceye

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