by Gary Radice
: Added December 2006

Guest safety and staff safety is important and something the Camelot management and employees take very seriously.

The behaviour of the guests however is 'changeable'.

On a day when Camelot is full of families it is nice and quiet with the exception of probably just a small minority of people.

I remember the beginning of this year. We completed rides training on a Saturday and on the Sunday, as a sort of practice run for opening to the public, a large group of brownies and scouts came in.

I was placed on the Log Flume...

Now I have nothing against Brownies as my mum is a brownie leader herself, but they continually ignored every rule when riding on the log flume like "Do not stand up in the boats" or "Do not rock the boats".

A famous footballer once went on The Log Flume when I was operating it.

The personnel manager came to me at the start of the day and told me that there was a celebrity coming in but she never told me who it was!

She told me to keep my ride clean and tidy and that there was a photographer coming round.

My platformer and I were excited about who the celebrity could be. When we went for our break we found out that it was John Barnes.

At first I didnít have a clue who John Barnes was, but I got told he was a famous footballer. He got on the ride with his two children. 

I explained that because he was the largest person he had to sit at the front of the boat. He wasnít too happy about that but rules are rules...and he did get fairly wet too!

On the Dodgems I always give a clear announcement to drive in an anticlockwise direction.

I inform people that there should be 'No Direct Bumping' and that people should keep seatbelts fastened at all times but does everybody listen?

Sadly NO!

I mean it is for people's own safety!

As long as I make the announcements I am covered if an incident occurs.

The Dodgems are renowned for guest complaints.

At the entrance to the queue there is a sign which explains that the height limit of passengers must be over 1.2m and that drivers should be at least 1.4m.

There is another sign just above the control box explaining the same thing yet people queue up with small children and blame me because their child is too small!

I have even had people trying to bring babies just a couple of months old onto them!

This is the Log flume Control Panel. From here everything can be controlled and monitored - the water levels, the main pump and the main conveyer. Not in the photo to the left is the station conveyer lever.

This is the main conveyer for the Log Flume. Just to the left of the conveyer is small walkway where I must climb to evacuate guests if the ride should break down.

This is the back of the Log Flume photographed from 'Log Flume Road'.

The icon of Camelot. This is the Family Entertainment Centre - home to the Dodgems and the Soft Play Area.


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