by Gary Radice
: Added December 2006

I think Knightmare will give Camelot a much needed boost in 2007/2008. I have read in a couple of places that it will be very popular.

For 2007/2008 my supervisor was telling me that they plan to leave the whole park open a bit longer! Apparently this is what happened when Whirlwind first arrived.

For 2007/2008 Camelot has been blitzed with green paint during the closed season (2007). All the walls the main walkway and the supports of the bridge for the Dragon Flyer used to be white...Well they are now pea green in colour!

The Dragon Flyer itself has had new anti slip seats fitted and also has wing mirrors now for the driver to view the guests sitting behind. (A great relief for my neck!)

Camelot has made a few alterations with regards to the naming of the sections of the park. Section 1 remains the same but they have combined 2 and 3 together. This is now called Section 2. The entrance price has gone up to £18 per person and £60 per Family Ticket for 2007/2008.

All in all I LOVE my job - Camelot Theme Park really is a magical place. Excellent Atmosphere - and even better friends!!


Thanks to themagiceye for giving me the opportunity to express my view and feelings:

"Keep up the good work"

Will Tilston

A few pieces of the new Knightmare Roller Coaster track at Camelot in March 2007

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About Will Tilston

My Name is Will Tilston. I am 18 years old and I live in Chorley in Lancashire. I work at Camelot Theme Park and have done so for the past three years during which time I have operated almost every ride from the Whirlwind Roller Coaster to the smallest of the children's rides.

In my first year I worked as a 'platformer' on  rides such as the Excalibur 2 and the Quintain and operated the smaller rides such as the Junior Galleon and the Leverets.

This year (2006) has been the best so far for me! I donít know if it is because I have had more responsibility as an operator or just that I am used to the Camelot work environment.

I donít have much advice for people who want to work in a theme park but all I can say is that if you want to work in a fun environment, make excellent friends, be part of a excellent team and basically enjoy your job then a theme park is for you!

I need to thank a few people for making this article possible:

Helen Jackson Ė Park Manager (for allowing me to do this article)

Yvonne Bailey Ė Personnel Manager (for allowing me access to Camelot outside the season)

Mel Burrows Ė Ride Manager (for providing information and contributions to the article)

...and to any other staff I havenít mentioned: "Thank you"

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