by Brian McCormick
: Added May 2006
With reference to The Cableway, we used to use it during very busy illumination weekends to get from one end of the park to the other because it took forever trying to walk through the crowds. Only this one time the ride broke down halfway across because of high winds and I was stranded for twenty minutes or so!
When I did finally get to the other end the operations manager (Albert Wallace) was waiting to apologise to the customers for the delay as they eventually disembarked. I think I got off lightly because, like Mr Wallace, I am also from north of the border.

I only have one story about the Space Tower but I can't have it confirmed as I never saw it myself. I was told from a tradesman many years ago that during warm sunny days the very top of the Space Tower was the ideal place for a bit of nude sunbathing and that the only people who could see you were pilots of light aircraft!
When I first started in the works office - that's what it used to be called - we had to deal with lost kids. One day a member of staff came in and said "I've got a lost kid for you", so I opened the door to let the kid in.
It wasn't a kid of the human variety it was a young goat (kid) that had escaped from Old McDonalds farm!
You may remember the Big Apple ride that was situated next to The Avalanche.

But are you familiar with the Great Disappearing Giant 30ft Apple Mystery?

From the Lancashire Evening Telegraph, first published Friday 17th Oct 2003:
The search is on for a giant apple at Blackpool Pleasure Beach - and this time it's serious!
It might sound like the concept for the latest fun attraction at the leading theme park, but chiefs are genuinely baffled by the disappearance of the 30ft fruit.

The apple formed part of a new attraction for children at the park - a mini rollercoaster featuring a giant caterpillar which travels on a 453 ft track.

When Pleasure Beach bosses unpacked the ride, which had been in storage at the former Frontierland theme park in Morecambe, they discovered something was missing.

The children are supposed to be plunged into darkness as the caterpillar twists and turns through the giant apple, but young riders are missing out after the mystery disappearance.

The Pleasure Beach's director of operations, Jim Rowland, said: "I'm a fairly 'appleble' guy but I am not impressed that we have managed to lose a 30ft apple. This is a big feature of the ride and the kids are missing out on a fun part of the

Brian McCormick

The Cableway used to operate at Pleasure Beach Blackpool

Both of these excellent photographs of the Space Tower come courtesy of John Burke. His website is essential viewing and can be found here


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