Interview by Gary Radice
: Added November 2002, updated December 2003, July 2006, July 2009
themagiceye bets you could write a book about your exploits!  - Any amusing moments along the way?

I went to see John Silcock when his Waltzer was open at Ashton-in-Makerfield last year. While I was walking round the machine feeling quite cocky (as I knew I owned a platform ride) I slipped and fell flat on my back right in front of a group of kids. A couple of teenage girls helped me up asking if I was alright. Talk about embarrassing!
A more painful experience was when I was using a huge crowbar to lever a bolt out of a piece of timber. The bar slipped out and hit me very hard in the face!...Lots of blood and eye watering!

Your proudest "Ark" moment to date?

Seeing the ride bottom built up earlier this year.

Any idea you can give of any completion date?

Hopefully I will be at the stage where I have everything in place apart from the mounts by the end of next year (2007). 

I'll have to see exactly how much work the mounts need doing to them.

Is there any help in any shape or form that you would like from readers of themagiceye?

Not really, thanks. As I said earlier, I've settled in to doing things at my own pace really, although it is nice when I get emails of encouragement and guest book entries.

Just one other thing I haven't mentioned since we last spoke: I've since bought a lorry to transport the ride and also passed my LGV class 2 test which was a very interesting and enjoyable experience.
If anybody else is thinking of rebuilding an old ride, I'd say have a very, very long think about it and then think again! It's an awful lot harder than I thought it would be and I don't really think I'd have done it if I knew what I know now. But I have (and still am) enjoying it and there's no turning back now!

March 2007:

How are things progressing Paul?
Slow, but not too bad. Just finished the new girders which were probably the biggest job.

Getting everything loaded onto the lorry ready to move to it's new home.
Also nearly ready for decor on the bottom shutters at Easter...

Paul's Ark seen here before going into disrepair. Photograph: Paul Grimshaw

Photograph: themagiceye


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