Article by Gary Radice, Nick Laister, Dave Boardman, Ash Stanworth, John Forknall, Fraser Grant, John Burke, John Phillips, Gordon (from Holland), Brian McCormick, George Drew, Ryan, Gary Amos
: Added January 2006
Many thanks to Gary Amos for the following:
I remember going to Blackpool for our annual hols.

My dad driving, my mam in the passenger seat, and, believe it or not, me and my five other siblings in the back.

I used to go round the Pleasure Beach with my older brother. The Water Chute was the very first 'coaster type' ride I went on; Roller Coaster was second.

This was about 1982 - 83ish.

I have recently been to Blackpool and I turned to my niece (who is 21) and said:

"What a shame. The Water Chute has gone."

She just said "Aye".

I thought about it for five minutes, remembering the wonderful times we used to have...

...How sad.

Vikingar from the Promenade in 2005. Image: Gary Radice


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