by Gary Radice
Gallery: Added December 2005 (updated 2006/7)

Image: Paul Beesley
The American Adventure, Derbyshire
Thanks to Paul Beesley for this photograph of the Helter Skelter at American Adventure Theme Park, Ilkeston in Derbyshire (as at July 2006)
You will be pleased to know that the attraction is Standing But Not Operational. Probably due to the lack of slide at the end!!
Sadly as at 5th January 2007 the American Adventure is no more.
According to its owners, Venture World it is closing after "a period of difficult trading" and the leasehold on the property will revert to Derbyshire County Council.


Image: Paul Beesley
Folly Farm, Pembrokeshire

Thanks once again to Paul Beesley for his ongoing contribution to this article.

This Helter Skelter is situated in the Vintage Funfair based  at Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire, South Wales.
"Currently the attraction is not operating but they are refurbishing it and expect to have it open soon."

Paul Beesley/Aug 2006


Image: Phil Gould

Freimarkt, Bremen, Germany

"I've just got back from Germany. I went over to Bremen to visit the Friemarkt.

The fairgound was brilliant fun, totally putting any British fairground to shame. They even had an old time fair in a city square.

The Toboggan slide is owned by the Fischer family and dates back to 1908. It is said to be the oldest example of this type of slide still travelling in Germany.
To get to the top of the slide punters had to travel on an inclined conveyor belt half way up the tower, then walk up a spiral staircase to complete their journey.

The belt moved pretty fast so the slide attendants would help children and unsteady young women by dragging them along the path."
Phil Gould/October 2006

Image: Gary Radice
Tate Modern, London

Well, one of the slides on show anyway at Tate Modern London, forming part of Carsten Holler's installation 'Test Site'.

It was a school half term in 2006 when themagiceye turned up at London's Tate Modern and average queue times for the smaller slides was in excess of one hour! Great fun though, if a little on the bumpy side!

Artist Carsten Holler about his installation Test Site:

"A slide is a sculpture that you can travel inside. However, it would be a mistake to think that you have to use the slide to make use of it. Looking at the work from the outside is a different but equally valid experience, just as one might contemplate the 'Endless Column' (1938) by Constantin Brancusi.

From an architectural and practical perspective, the slides are one of the building's means of transporting people, equivalent to the escalators, elevators or stairs...the performers become spectators (of their own inner spectacle) while going down the slides...

All these works, including the slides, are exploratory sculptures. They offer the possibility of unique inner experiences that can be used for the exploration of the self.."

Image: Phil Gould

St Helens Show, Merseyside

Shirdley Park is the home to the annual St Helens Show, Merseyside.

The photo (taken in 1980) is a Helter Skelter/Slip belonging to A Stevens.

Image: Phil Gould
Knutsford Show
Two for the price of one here from the Knutsford Show 1981.

W Cubbins' Helter Skelter in the foreground and B Cubbins' Lighthouse Slip in the background.


Image: Rick Codona
South Pier, Blackpool

The 2006 season is over and Sedgwick's Skyline Slip (Helter Skelter) 'looking a little smaller than usual' on Blackpool's South Pier.

Image: Chris Stewart
North Pole, Colorado

Here is an interesting North American helter skelter. Reader Chris Stewart sent themagiceye this message:

"I would assume this would classify as a "Helter Skelter". It is at the 'North Pole, Home of Santa's Workshop', a theme park in Colorado Springs, Colorado/USA. It is still in good shape and the little kids park is still going strong."

"I had never heard the term Helter Skelter for these type of rides."

Click on the image to see a wider view of the slide.

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Some of this article first featured in themagiceye back in 2002.
Many thanks now of course - as back then - to Nick Laister of Joyland Books 
themagiceye is grateful to Paul B Drabek for his photo and information regarding the Knoebels Sky Slide and to Ken Rutherford for his postcard image of Chippewa.
Thanks to Anthony Macken of New Jersey USA and The Coaster Enthusiasts of Canada for use of the Maple Leaf Village photo.
Thanks too to Paul Beesley for his photos taken at Rhyl, Wales and Ilkeston, Derbyshire.
Thanks also to Phil Gould for all the additional information he supplied and his photos.
All photo copyrights belong to those people who supplied the images.
Please feel free to email themagiceye if you would like to contribute to this article.

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