Photographs: Gary Radice, Phil Gould, Michael Smith, Ashley Stanworth
: Added October 2006

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The Rainbow occupied the spot vacated by the Ranger for a brief period from 1987. The Virginia Reel once stood proudly here.

"...The Rainbow (HUSS) was first manufactured in 1983 containing many design elements of the Ranger (HUSS 1981). This ride really has to be seen in motion to be appreciated. It's typically HUSS - offering riders unbeatable smoothness (hydraulically driven), and spectators a graceful, well-lit, perfectly themed picture. Its amazing height of 66ft dominates the set-up of any carnival.

The Rainbow appeals to riders of all ages, offering a basic orbiting sensation, with alternating movements of varying speed, both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Generally speaking, the ride sensation is nothing too major, with basic side-to-side motions, and slight weightlessness sensations.."

David Burton, David Burton's Amusement Ride Extravaganza

www.fairart.co.uk / www.fairground-heritage.org.uk

Grand Prix

"The Grand Prix was situated next to the Tidal Wave and consisted of a group of cars linked together in a train being powered by drive motors positioned between the rails with two small tyres driving a blade mounted under each car. The cars also had a motor under each which, via a screw jack drive, tilted the cars inwards as they gained speed.

The ride was delivered new in its most minimal form and GSR staff added crash barriers and a tunnel with flashing green 'go' lights and fixed red 'stop' lights.

It was also the intention to fit a video projector to the tunnel and add in-car race pictures. This did not stay in position long as during daylight the light level was too high to allow the image to be seen."

Ian Beech - Blackpool Pleasure Beach employee 1978-1983

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Tokaydo Express

This Pinfari/Super Train ST40 manufactured powered coaster was first introduced into the Pleasure Beach in 1980.

Eight years later, a canopy was added to protect the workings of the ride from the elements.

This figure of eight steel roller coaster reached up to speeds of 40mph and, if themagiceye's memory serves right, depending on how busy the park was you usually got between 2 and 4 laps for your money (or 'B' Ticket).

It was relocated to Brean Leisure Park in 1997 and renamed 'The Figure of Eight.

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The Twist
Lawrence Silcock's Twist debuted in the South Park at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (themagiceye believes in the early eighties).
Is this the machine that was later painted yellow and renamed The Egg Scrambler? If it did become The Egg Scrambler then:
When The Monster in The North Park was removed The Egg Scrambler temporarily took its place prior to Playstation - The Ride (now renamed Ice Blast) being built.
And...if it did become The Egg Scrambler then:
Up until September 2006, the ride was named Tagada and plied its trade next to The Cyclone at the now sadly defunct Southport Pleasureland..
Could someone let themagiceye know if this Twist did become The Egg Scrambler please..   :-)

www.fairart.co.uk / www.fairground-heritage.org.uk

themagiceye doesn't remember this ride from the eighties but here it is in all its glory, complete with misspelling (shouldn't it be Bob-sleigh?).

The following information was received from a reader of themagiceye on 29th November 2006 (the reader also posts on Club Pleasure Beach site):

"The ride pictured above is an early sobema Superbob. It arrived in 1982 and was on a position let to Pat Evans. It lasted about a season, (if memory serves) before being put back on the travelling circuit".


Phil Gould

Phil Gould's 1980 photo of the Wisdom manufactured Astro-Liner above was actually taken at Southport Pleasureland!

I can assure you though that it was situated in the South Park at Blackpool around the same period.

A simulator with VHS technology - it didn't really set the amusement world alight but it has a sentimental place in themagiceye's heart anyway.


Gary Radice
Greatest Show on Earth

By themagiceye's reckoning there will be many 'twenty something Pleasure Beach enthusiasts' out there who remember this ride either with fondness or intrigue. The world of musicals and circuses were at its very heart. The suspended cars came back out into the open above the station approximately half way into the ride (left). 

themagiceye rode this 'B' Ticket ride circa 1997ish when it first opened on the spot now occupied by the Burger King Restaurant in the South Park. Prior to 1997 this ride (albeit on a smaller scale) was actually situated inside the old Paradise Room!

themagiceye is a great dark ride fan, and this was a great dark ride. But themagiceye has memories of it being closed several times due to it breaking down...on the days themagiceye visited the park anyway!


Your Comments
Hi, on your website you mention the Twist at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and ask if it was the Egg Scrambler or not. It did indeed become the Egg Scrambler for a time.

Also you mention The Greatest Show on Earth and it being on South Park around 1997 and previous to this being at the Paradise Room. The ride was actually situated in South Park, where Burger King now is, from at least 1990 as I lost my finger whilst a ride operator on the ride in 1991.

Hope that updates things nicely for you !


Fantastic to see some of the old rides long gone. My sister and I loved The Monster, the first ride we went on as we entered the Pleasure Beach and the last ride on our way out. It was the perfect day during our week’s holiday in the 1970’s.
Clifford Chambers. Blackpool.

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