Photographs: Gary Radice, Les Tomkinson, Reflections Black and White Archive
Words: Nick Laister

: Added October 2005


Reflections (www.20thcenturyimages.co.uk)
The Tower building
A 1949 photograph through the amusement park towards the Tower building. Prior to its dismantling between 1919 and 1921, the building featured a tower similar to that in Blackpool. This would have stood between the two steeply pitched roofs. The Tower had been constructed two years after Blackpool's slightly smaller version in 1896. The Tower building itself survived until 1969, when it was destroyed by fire.
The station for the Figure 8 roller coaster can be seen to the left, with the Big Wheel again prominent in the photograph.

Gary Radice

The park from the air

This 1950 photograph shows the central fairground area, with Big Wheel in the centre and Caterpillar to the right. Behind the Wheel, on the lower level, is the Figure 8 roller coaster, with the beach and Kiddies park below. New Brighton Pier can be seen beyond.


Reflections (www.20thcenturyimages.co.uk)

Tommy Mann's Miniature Railway 1951

Note the wooden roller coaster behind. The sign below the roller coaster says: "Dobby Horses: New Brighton's Oldest Ride Born 1820 and still going strong!"

Les Tomkinson

Amusement park, pier and River Mersey

Another aerial view of the park and River beyond, this time in 1955. The park is becoming more intensively developed, with a Helter Skelter pictured to the right.

Reflections (www.20thcenturyimages.co.uk)
Tower Pleasure Gardens from cable car
By 1961, when this photograph was taken, the park had changed significantly, with several new rides and sideshows. The photograph was taken from the cable car ride, which whisked passengers from the beach level, to the upper areas of the park.

The entire amusement park site is now a municipal park.

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