Coney Island Volume 2 (1936-1954)
A Preview

A return visit to the world's greatest amusement park. The glow from the million coloured lights was dimming. The grand old dame was tarnished, but the sounds of excitement, music and laughter were still the order of the day. Coney Island from 1936 to 1954 as captured by the motion picture camera in another hour of classic memories.

The full list of contents:

Comedian Lew Lehr reports the opening of Coney Island's 1939 season.

This is a recutting of SHORTY AT CONEY ISLAND (1936) which ended Volume 1. While the story is basically the same, alternate takes and different cutaways were used. Believe it or not, Paramount released another version of Shorty at Coney and completely eliminated all views of rides.

This is perhaps the most interesting film for Coney buffs, as it takes a look at the decay setting in and ponders the future, which has almost come true.

CONEY ISLAND (late 1930s)
A further documentary about Coney Island, produced by Eugene Castle for the home movie market.

A curiously named short made for schools. At no time do they identify Coney as the locale.

International Prize Winner - Venice Film Festival. Regrettably time has taken its toll on the film's colour, but the gaudy razzle-dazzle of the World's Greatest Amusement Park entering its final glory years still has the power to captivate the viewer. Beautifully filmed, this shows what a huge range of rides were at Coney Island in the 1950s, many of which have never been seen in the UK.

Rides featured in this DVD/video include the Cyclone, the Flying Turns, the Wonder Wheel and the Virginia Reel.


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