From Lamp to Laser: The Story of the Blackpool Illuminations
by Terry Regan and Andrew Hazlehurst

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ISBN Number: 0-9544573-2-3
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Publication Date:
3 September 2004
Skelter Publishing

In 2004, Blackpool celebrated 125 years since the UK’s first great electric light show dazzled its holidaymakers. 1879 was the electrifying year when the small seaside town of Blackpool introduced Britain's first electric light display along its promenade. Visitors from all over Britain flocked to see the eight arc lamps on the sea front.

This book takes the reader through the roller coaster story of the Blackpool Illuminations. It is a nostalgic journey through the illuminated displays and tableaux that have turned the light show into a national institution.

The book also includes a fascinating insight into the Illuminations Depot, showing how the large and dedicated workforce create "the greatest free show on earth", an event that attracts millions of visitors to Europe's most popular seaside resort every year. The book also includes a look at the magical illuminated tramcars and the celebrity switch-on ceremonies, which over the years have seen everybody from international film stars to Doctor Who and the Daleks switch on this nine week, six mile electrical extravaganza.

The story of the Blackpool Illuminations is also the story of Blackpool, and From Lamp to Laser is already regarded as the finest book yet written on the history of this famous town.

The book is illustrated with well over 200 photographs, many in colour.

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