Fairground Destiny: The Story of the Rowland Family
by Frances Brown
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ISBN Number: 9781900660556   
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 240
Publication Date: 2021
Publisher: R&TFHS

Fairground Destiny is the first ever comprehensive account of the history of the Rowlands, today one of the leading names on the British fairground.

In this book Frances Brown turns her attention to the ancestors of her grandmother Amy Matthews nee Rowland and traces their lives as they evolve from 18th century hawkers, dealers and basket-makers to become 21st century riding-masters.

Frances Brown is the acclaimed author of two earlier books about her Traveller forebears: Fairfield Folk – A History of the British Fairground and its People and Fairground Strollers and Showfolk.

Surnames included in the book with two or more references: Anderton, Armsworth, Ayres, Barron, Beeney, Birchall/Burchall, Bowers, Brazil, Brewer, Brooks, Burrell, Bushnell, Carey, Castle, Chapman, Cobbett, Collins, Cribb, Crow, Davis, Deakins, Dean, DeVey, Frampton, Gilham, Hall, Hancock, Harris, Haslam, Head, Hibbs, Hilden, Hill, Jenkins, Jones, Kefford, Lakin, Lawrence, Lee, Leland, Lock, Matthews, Moss, Newland, Odam Oldridge, Pannell, Parker, Penfold, Ripley, Rolands, Rowland, Sanger, Shufflebottom, Smart, Smith, Tasker, Thomas, Tidman, Whitelegg, Whittle and Wilkins.

A4 paperback, 240 pages, 13 family trees and over 80 black-and-white family photos, fairground history photos and illustrations.

A selection of photographs from the book:

The Super Rowlands Rodeo, J. Rowland's first Noah's Ark

Bill Rowland, far right, and his team next to the Tasker tractor Princess Mary

The Anderton & Rowlands' Scenic Motors Switchback and team 

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