Restoring the Glen Echo Park Carousel
by Deborah Lange
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ISBN Number: 0976136406
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 142
Publication Date: 2004
Publisher: Bethesda Communications Group

Restoration artist Rosa Ragan spent 20 years, from 1983 to 2003, restoring the Dentzel menagerie carousel in Glen Echo, USA. The full story of her work is now captured in this book by Deborah Lange, with over 500 beautiful full-colour photographs showing the methods Rosa used on the animals, chariots, drum panels, ceiling panels, rounding boards, and band organ. Her methods are carefully explained, with detailed descriptions of how she finds original colours, removes park paint, makes repairs, cleans the animals, traces designs, protects the original paint, applies leaf, paints the animals, applies pin striping and designs, and applies a finish coat. The inpainting methods she uses on the drum panels and ceiling panels are also fully described, as are the bronze powder methods she uses on the Wurlitzer band organ.

Also included is a chapter on repair techniques, which describes filling voids, tightening seams, and shaping and attaching new pieces, and a chapter on painting techniques, which covers surface preparation, leafing, glazing, bronzing, blending, creating dapples, pin striping, varnishing, and other topics. A complete materials list and photographic catalogue of all finished animals and chariots makes this book an excellent aid for anyone considering a restoration. This book, however, is more than a restorer's guide. It is written for the general public to explain how a much-loved but abused ride was restored to become once again the magnificent functional art it was when it arrived at the park in 1921. This book is an excellent gift for anyone who loves carousels.

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