The Amazing Hiram Maxim - An Intimate Biography
Arthur Hawkey

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ISBN Number: 1-86227-141-0
Hardback, jacketed
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Spellmount Ltd

Maxim, most famous as the inventor of the machine gun, emerged from the pioneering backwoods of Maine to become master of anything mechanical or electrical. His inventions transformed warfare and led to powered flight - he also invented the light bulb.

Amusement park enthusiasts know Maxim mainly as the inventor of the Flying Machine ride. His first was at Earl's Court in 1904, and he also ran rides at London's Crystal Palace, Southport's Pleasureland and New Brighton's Tower Pleasure Ground. But his most famous Flying Machine ride is the one at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Built in 1904, Sir Hiram Maxim's Captive Flying Machine is still operating to this day.

This book tells the full story of one of the great amusement park pioneers.

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