John Walton
John K. Walton is Professor of Social History at the University of Central Lancashire. From November 2007 he will be Professor of Social History in the Institute of Northern Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University. He has worked on the history of the British seaside (especially Blackpool and Whitby) for many years, as well as writing about tourism and resorts in Spain (especially San Sebastian), Belgium, France, the United States (especially Coney Island), and Latin America.

He also writes about popular culture, regional history and regional identities, especially in Lancashire and the Basque Country. His books include The Blackpool Landlady (Manchester, 1978); the English Seaside Resort 1750-1914 (Leicester, 1983); Lancashire: a Social History 1558-1939 (Manchester, 1887); Fish and Chips and the British Working Class, 1870-1940 (Leicester, 1992); Blackpool (Edinburgh, 1998); The British Seaside: Holidays and Resorts in the Twentieth Century (Manchester, 2000); and (with Gary Cross), The Playful Crowd: Pleasure Places in the Twentieth Century (New York, 2005).



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