About the John Hinde Photographers
Elmar Ludwig, Edmund Nägele & David Noble

Elmar Ludwig, Edmund Nägele & David Noble are the photographers who made the photographs featured in the book. Recruited by John Hinde because of their technical abilities, they were supervised by Hinde making photographs to his very specific house style…bright colours throughout including, in the foreground, photographs full of activity.  Producing these photographs were among the most challenging jobs of their professional lives, technically demanding and complex, requiring simultaneous orchestration of large crowds, camera and lights.

The Butlin’s photographers are all living and working professionally today.  Elmar Ludwig, born in Halle, East Germany, established an advertising studio of his own in Munich and is now semi retired. Edmund Nägele, a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society was born in Germany, and now runs a stock photography company (nagelestock.com) from his home in Cheltenham. David Noble was born and now lives in Folkestone where he runs a landscape and travel photography company.


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