The 50 Most Unique Roller Coasters Ever Built
by Nick Weisenberger 

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ISBN Number: 978-1507785195
Number of Pages: 108
Publication Date: February 2015
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Tired of the same old, rickety wooden roller coasters? Crave more thrills than the typical vertical loops and camelback hills found at every local amusement park? Fortunately, roller coasters come in a mind-blowing profusion of styles, shapes, and sizes. From innovative track designs to unusual seating configurations, from ridiculous locations to bizarre theming, the experience never gets old.

In The 50 Most Unique Roller Coasters Ever Built you’ll explore a roller coaster…

...powered by people.

...inspired a popular computer game.

...uses a Ferris wheel as a lift.

...requires an on-board brakeman.

...where the louder you scream the faster you go.

...built on top of a skyscraper.

...known as the “dog fart” coaster (yes, you read that right!).

The 50 Most Unique Roller Coasters Ever Built is a list comprised of unusual, rare, and hard to find scream machines.

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