Alton Towers Official Guide & Souvenir
by John Secombe
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ISBN Number: 0948513179
Number of Pages:
Publication Date: 1986
Sunflower Books

Very rare and detailed 1986 book about Alton Towers, which is an excellent snapshot of the park in the mid-1980s.

From the back cover:

"Alton Towers, the leisure park that is the nearest equivalent in Britain to Disneyland, is the most popular paid-admission attraction outside London.

This book serves both as a guide for anyone planning to visit the park and as a comprehensive souvenir for those wanting a memento of their visit. It's official - written with the full co-operation of the management, but is completely independent in its views and recommendations.

It contains nearly 100 colour illustrations and a great deal to interest enthusiasts and the general public alike. Using it will help you make the most of your time and will greatly increase your enjoyment of a visit to this famous leisure park."

It includes the following chapters:

  • General Information
  • Kiddies Kingdom
  • Alton Towers Today
  • Alton Towers in the Past
  • Nature Trails
  • Shopping
  • Eating
  • Live Entertainment: Circus Hassani; Mississippi Jazz Band; Minstrels, Clowns & Jugglers; Cuddly Bears; Alton Theatre; Rupert Bear Magic Show.
  • Exhibitions, etc: Dolls Exhibition; Model Railway; Doom & Sons Haunted House; Planetarium; Space 1999; Mississippi Showboat Fun House; Around the World in 80 Days.
  • Natural History: Sea Lions; Enchanted Parrots; Wildlife Museum; Aquarium.
  • The 'Little' Rides and More (with technical information for some of the rides): Junior Apple Rollercoaster; Mini Dragon; Vintage Cars; Adventure Playground; The Barrel; Blue Carousel; Astroglide; Alpine Bobsleigh; Baby Flug; Fun Bouncer and Ball pool; Adventureland Railway; Splash Cats; Rowing Boats and Red Indian Canoes; Miniature Golf; Radio Models; Water Cannon; Arcades.
  • The Big Rides: Information and photographs of the major rides, with specifications, facts and figures: Grand Canyon Rapids; Log Flume and Dinosaurs; Four Man Bob; Ferris Wheel; Octopus; Spider; Pirate Ship; Wave Swinger; 1001 Nights; Enterprise; Black Hole; Corkscrew; Turbo Star.
  • Behind the Scenes: Fascinating chapter with behind the scenes photographs, and the story of how the park builds a major ride (using the rapids ride as an example).
  • Cinemas
  • Mini Holidays
  • Facilities & Restaurant menus

At the back of the book is a fold-out map of the park in 1986.

Please note: This book differs substantially from the 1987 Sunflower Guide. This is a second edition book, and differs also from the 1985 edition, with several different pages and different content.

Condition: Book in very good condition. Fold-out map as new. This is an extremely rare copy of the book because the ISBN and price on the back cover relate to the higher priced 1985 version, but the inside cover clearly states it is the 1986 version. We have not come across one of these before, which seems to sit between two editions. There are the remains of a sticky label at the bottom of the back cover.

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