The American Roller Coaster
Scott Rutherford

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ISBN Number: 978-0760306895
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Motorbooks International

For more than a century, the roller coaster has been an integral part of the American entertainment scene. Since its humble beginnings at New York's Coney Island in the late 1800s, the roller coaster has rocketed into the hearts of thrill seekers everywhere. And with the construction of newer, faster, and wilder coasters occuring at a eck-snapping pace, the ride is getting more popular every year.

The American Roller Coaster captures all the excitement and energy surrounding America's favorite amusement park ride. Here with a thoroughly researched text are 200 rare and wonderful photographs and other material depicting the roller coaster's evolution and rapid ascent to the top of the amusement ride food chain. In addition, this book reveals many other interesting aspects of roller coasters, from how they work to who designs and builds them. You'll also learn where some of the best roller coasters are located as well as how the seat you choose affects your ride experience.

So climb in, pull the lap bar down, and prepare yourself for a ride on some of the wildest roller coasters ever to see the light of day.

Condition: Fine, with fine dustjacket.

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