Coney Island
VHS Video

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Format: VHS (NTSC-US)
Release Date:
Exempt from classification
Running Time:
58 minutes
Encore Entertainment, Inc
A summer evening at the world's greatest amusement park. The glow of a million coloured lights, the sounds of excitement, music and laughter, the smells of midway food delights one's senses. Coney Island from 1917 to 1936 as captured on film provides a programme of classic memories.

This DVD/video includes a number of short films about Coney Island made between 1917 and 1936. Two documentaries, a classic comedy, a sing-a-long, and a bizarre visit to Coney Island by a chimp and his master!

This is a fine collection of vintage footage of a legendary seaside resort and its amusement park.

Condition: Very good.

Volume II


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