Disney: the First 100 Years 
by Dave Smith and Steven Clark
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ISBN Number: 0786864427
Number of Pages:
Publication Date: 1999 - first edition
Publisher: Disney Enterprises, Inc

In the 100 years since the birth of Walt Disney in 1901, the world has undergone a spellbinding transformation - and has discovered the magic of believing. We discovered that if we believe, the world can turn into a place filled with magic and wonder - a place where animals can talk, a place where good and evil are at constant odds in magical lands. We owe much of the credit for this metamorphosis to a one-time farm-boy and the company he founded.

During Walt's lifetime and after his death, the company never ceased to forge ahead, breathing life into the surreal landscapes and characters of its films, tugging at the heartstrings of millions through its television productions, and creating in its theme parks some of the most popular, exhilarating and educational tourist attractions in the world.

Readers will join in a nostalgic, year-by-year celebration of the birth, development and success of the Walt Disney Company, shown through the artistic accomplishments that have made an entertainment empire. Having sold more than 26,000 copies in hardcover, this handsome volume features a museum's worth of classic photos plus rare and never-before-seen artwork.

Condition: Mint

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