Dreamland Remembered (Second Edition)
Nick Evans

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ISBN Number: 0-9545252-2-1
Number of Pages:
Publication Date:
2005 - second edition
Nick Evans

This is a the very scarce second edition - a true collectors item.

Dreamland Amusement Park has been synonymous with Margate since it first opened in 1920. Its origins go back further, to a time when rival railway companies vied to bring Victorian trippers to the seaside and music hall and wild animals were in vogue.

Dreamland Remembered contains a nostalgic collection of more than 200 illustrations - many not seen publicly in living memory - charting the park's attractions over the years, from the renowned Scenic Railway to the Big Wheel, along with Beanfeast outings and the birth of the Osuper cinema in the 1930s.

Owned by the same family which made Dreamland famous was the Lido pleasure centre, just a mile up the road in Cliftonville. Here summer shows, bathing beauties and themed bars provided a heady mix for holidaymakers.

Dreamland and the Lido brought golden memories to countless millions and now these can be relived through the pages of this fascinating book.

Condition: Fine.

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