Extreme Thrill Machines: Let's Get Vertical
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Release Date: 2005
Exempt from classification
Region coding:
Not region coded
Running Time:
47 minutes
High Velocity Productions

Take a ride on some of the most exciting rides in the world in Extreme Thrill Machines. In this new DVD, you will be taken to parks in the US and Germany in search of the newest and most exciting rides out there! Take a tour of some great parks, such as Six Flags Over Texas and Heide Park. Take a 'point-of-view' ride on new and exciting wooden coasters like Thunderhead at Dollywood or Timberhawk at Six Flags Enchanted Village. You will also get to check out the new Tower Of Terror at Disney's California Adventure.

The DVD features interactive menus and scene selection. Skip to the coaster or park you want to ride or visit, and ride them in the order you wish!

Featured Parks and Rides:

  • Thunderhead, Dollywood

  • Texas Giant, Six Flags Over Texas

  • Titan, Six Flags Over Texas

  • Shockwave, Six Flags Over Texas

  • Batman, Six Flags Over Texas

  • Mr. Freeze, Six Flags Over Texas

  • Colossus, Heide Park, Germany

  • Tower Of Terror, Disney's California Adventure

  • Superman Ultimate Flight, Six Flags Great America

  • Timberhawk, Six Flags Enchanted Village

  • Half Pipe, Six Flags Elitch Gardens

and take extensive tours of Six Flags Over Texas, Heide Park in Germany, and an awesome aerial tour of Six Flags Great America!

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