First Drop Magazine: Issues 1 to 100
A Preview

Here are just some of the highlights in this full set of back issues:

Issue 1

The first issue, a photocopied newsletter, includes:

  • News of the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster for Cedar point (Magnum XL-200).
  • Top Ten Coasters
  • News of a new Arrow Swing Coaster for Chessington World of Adventures (The Vampire).
  • Report from the Sun newspaper on Blackpool Pleasure Beach's prices.
  • News of a brand new coaster book: The Great American Scream Machine.
Issue 9

A new logo and a new look magazine, now featuring 12 pages, including:

  • Alton Towers up for sale
  • Manufacturer profile of Vekoma
  • Article on the new Vampire ride at Chessington
  • Article on Lakemont Park's Skyliner
  • Profile of Alton Towers
  • Review of Interschau 90
Issue 12

Another new logo, and a fresh new look for the magazine, which was by now becoming a substantial publication of 20 pages, including:

  • Extensive Bill Cobb tribute
  • New US coasters
  • 1990 survey results
  • Review of the 'Blackpool Bash 90'
  • David Pickstone's Wild Mouse at Brean Leisure Park
  • Review of the Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Update on construction of 'The Ultimate' at Lightwater Valley
Issue 24

Special issue celebrating the opening of the Pepsi Max Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster. This 36 page issue also included:

  • Interview with Geoffrey Thompson
  • New steel roller coaster for Parc Asterix
  • Report on coasters at German fairs
  • Report on Loopathon weekend at Alton Towers and Drayton Manor
  • News on progress with the Gulliver's World woodie
  • Survey results 93/94
  • Report on the Richard Rodriguez coaster marathon
  • Raptor at Cedar Point
Issue 34

With Jean-Marc Toussaint covers and packed with features, by Issue 34 First Drop had become the Europe's leading coaster magazine. This 40-page issue included:

  • Construction of the Runaway Coaster at Rotunda
  • Modifications to the Big One
  • A report on roller coasters in Las Vegas
  • the Foire du Trone, Paris
  • Report on Tonnerre de Zeus and interview with Olivier de Bosredon
  • Report on Stampida at Port Aventura
Issue 52

With several pages in colour, Issue 52 was built as "the ultimate experiment in thrill reading". Its 52 pages include:

  • Tusenfryd construction
  • Perilous Plunge construction
  • Six Flags America's Superman report
  • Super Saturator report
  • Wild Train report - Pax brings a coaster to Europe
  • Steel Dragon 2000 report
  • Other coasters: Boss, Legend, Speed, Medusa, Boulder Dash, Kraken, Son of Beast and Lightning Racer.


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