Harry G Traver: Legends of Terror
by Richard Munch
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ISBN Number: 978-0935408027
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 174
Publication Date: 1982
Amusement Park Books

Designer Series: Volume One of the American Coaster Enthusiasts, Introduction by Robert Cartmell; foreword by June Traver Schetterer. Edited by Lee Bush & Richard Hershey. 

Wonderful photos, with much explanatory text. 


  • Foreword (by June Traver Schetterer);
  • Introduction (by Robert Cartmell);
  • Traver – The Man;
  • Traver – The Company;
  • Traver – The Machines;
  • Bobs at Riverview Park;
  • Cyclone at Revere Beach;
  • Thunderbolt at Savin Rock;
  • Jazz Railway at Rocky Glen Park;
  • Sesquicentennial Cyclone in Philadelphia;
  • Cyclone at Crystal Beach;
  • Lightning at Revere Beach;
  • Cyclone at Palisades Park;
  • Airplane at Playland;
  • Cyclone Racer at Long Beach;
  • Cyclone at the Century of Progress;
  • Zip at Oaks Park;
  • Traver – Potpourri;
  • A Look at the Past;
  • American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE).

Condition: Very good. Click on photo for larger image showing condition of cover.

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