Ride-It! Volume 2

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Format: DVD - PAL (UK)
Running Time:
53 minutes
Release Date:
The Point of No Return

Travel the world and experience some of the most memorable and historic rides on the planet. Sit back and enjoy 30 on-ride videos from America, Europe and Japan.

Over 50 minutes of coaster thrills including many station-to station rides, unedited, no fancy effects or music, just pure non-stop coaster action!

Featured roller coasters:

01  Daidarasaurus, Expoland
02  Kanonen, Liseberg
03  Big Dipper, Camden Park
04  Cornball Express, Indiana Beach
05  Dodonpa, Fuji Q Highland
06  Crazy Mouse, Tobu Zoo Park
07  Cyclone, Williams Grove Park
08  Leap the Dips, Lakemont Park
09  Elf, Hirakata Park
10  Hurricane, Myrtle Beach Pavilion
11  Grizzly, Paramount's Great America
12  Bobsleds, Seabreeze
13  Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland California
14  Big Thunder Mountain, Tokyo Disneyland
15  Cyclone, Lakeside Amusement Park
16  White Canyon, Yomiuriland
17  Phoenix, Knoebels
18  Twister II, Six Flags Elitch Gardens
19  Slope Shooter, Nagoya Higashiyama Zoo
20  Stampida, PortAventura
21  Tree Top Racers, Adventure City
22  Swamp Fox, Family Kingdom
23  Thunder Run, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
24  Tornado, Stricker's Grove
25  Raven, Holiday World
26  Screechin' Eagle, Le Sourdsville Lake
27  Sea Dragon, Wyandot Lake
28  Scenic Railway, Dreamland, Margate
29  Revolution, Six Flags Magic Mountain
30  Rampage, Visionland

Condition: Disk and cover in Very Good condition. Plastic case cracked and will need to be replaced. (Click on image above for close-up of front cover).

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