Riverview: Kingdom of Magic
VHS Video

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Format: VHS (NTSC-US)
Release Date:
Exempt from classification
Running Time:
1 hour (approx)
Kellsher, Russell & Young
For 64 years, on 72 acres of land, stood a magical place known to all Chicagoans as Riverview Park. For 25 years now it has been gone but the visions it conjures up of the `Bobs“, the `Fireball“, `Aladdin's Castle“ and the `Pair-O-Chutes“ to name a few rides, are indelibly etched in our memories. Do you remember the `Flying Turns“ and the `Shoot the Chutes?“ How about the great Riverview `Carousel?“

Well, in this exciting film, Riverview Park - Kingdom of Magic, all of the great rides and good times live again. Through crystal clear color footage, you can take the ride in the front seat of the `Bobs“ again and again. You'll climb and soar downward on the `Pair-O-Chutes“ and watch the `Flying Turns“ whiz through their wooden trough.

The two men directly responsible for preserving history and for stopping time for all of Chicago are Clarence Hintze and George Berbert. These two Chicago friends visited and filmed at Riverview between 1956 and 1967, capturing forever most of Riverview's great rides. Said George Berbert recently, "With Chicago being built up, we feel that it would be just a matter of time before Riverview would eventually close, too. Nothing lasts forever."

On Labor Day in 1967 Riverview did close -- without fanfare and farewell. Thanks to the file efforts of Clarence and George, however, you can return to Riverview . . . the kingdom of magic . . . and never have to leave again.

Condition: Very good.


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