Roller Coaster Giants
by Frank JM Romijn
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J Hutchinson

Today's roller coaster is the centrepiece of any self-respecting amusement park. Over the past fifteen years, the roller coaster industry has seen unprecedented development due to only a small number of designers, engineers and builders. This book tells you about these people and their rides.

Frank Romijn is addicted to roller coasters. Not only as a passenger but as a photographer. The photographs he collected over the years, he used in his many presentations for the Dutch insurance industry.

The history, technology, latest developments, the records and the characteristics of specific rides, it's all covered in this book. The spectacular pictures will make coaster enthusiasts eagerly await their opportunity to ride. You will experience the speed, excitement, the thrill and and the G-forces ... This book is a must have for any roller coaster enthusiast.

Condition: Fine.

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