Roller Coasters
by Mike Schafer and Scott Rutherford
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ISBN Number: 0760305064
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Motorbooks International

ROLLER COASTERS presents a full color gallery spanning the history of America's favorite and greatest amusement park ride including:
  • Early Scenic Railways and Figure Eight-Coasters,
  • Wooden Scare Machines of the Past and Present,
  • Horrifying Steel Serpentine Monsters,
  • Region by Region Directory of Every American Roller Coaster (up to the publishing date of 1998),
  • History and Evolution,
  • Thrill Guide to Today's Greatest Rides.

The Chapter Points Include: Introduction; Our Roller Coaster Heritage; Roller Coasters of the Northeast, Coney Island's Cyclone to Pittsburgh's Thunderbolt; Roller Coasters of the Southland, Atlanta's Georgia Cyclone to Arlington's Texas Giant; Roller Coasters of the Heartland, Kansas City's Timber Wolf to Cincinnati's Beast; Roller Coasters of the Wild West, Santa Cruz's Giant Dipper to Denver's Cyclone; Thrill Guide to America's Best Roller Coasters; Coaster Glossary.

Condition: Like new - unread. Very slight fading to spine.

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