Terror on Rails: Steel Force, Dorney Park Press Pack
Doney Park

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ISBN Number: NA
Format: Folder with individual documents inside
Number of Pages: NA
Publication Date: 1997
Publisher: Dorney Park

Foolscap-sized press pack with press release, leaflets and other information about Steel Force at Dorney Park inside, which was launched in 1997.

Contains the following documents:

  1. News release (2 pages).
  2. Steel Force Fact Sheet.
  3. Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom Fact Sheet.
  4. Steel Force Key Facts sheet.
  5. Drawing of Steel Force comparing height to US landmarks.
  6. Newspaper cutting (photocopy) from May 30, 1997 on launch of coaster.
  7. Book Review (photocopy) of 'Are You Chicken A Coward's Guide to Roller Coasters'.
  8. Newspaper cutting (photocopy) on Hersheypark.

All presented in branded glossy folder. Click on image above and below to see more detail.

Condition: Fine. (Click on image for larger version of item we are selling).

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