An Ark, probably Hibble & Mellor, nears completion in the Orton & Spooner Erecting Sheds. This photograph shows very clearly the paybox and the 'walk around' used by the public to gain access to the rotating platform.



A Noah's Ark (Jungle Ride) during construction in the Orton & Spooner Erecting Sheds some time in the early 1930s. Albert Howell's work is much in evidence here.


This very dramatic interpretation of a 'tiger hunt' was used by Sid Howell for the front of Fred Thompson's Motorcycle Speedway in 1937.


A view of J. Barker's Coronation Speedway in later years when owned by Crow's.


Pat Collins' Super Speedway (Autodrome), 1937. This picture was taken in Burton-on-Trent Market Place during the Statutes Fair in the 1950s. Taken at night, it captures the atmosphere of the fair.

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