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Stories, poems and articles submitted by members. If you have written an article or short story about Dreamland, please email them to us and we may add them to this page.

Remembering the Golden Mile by Jim Bell

The author of It Must Be True...It Was In The News!, Reflections: v. 1 and Reflections: v. 2 has written a poem about his childhood visits to Dreamland and his hopes for the future of the park called Remembering the Golden Mile. Click here to read the poem.

About the author: Jim Bell lives in Chatham, in Kent. He has worked as a Materials Technician in the laboratory of a plastics factory for the past 35 years, and as a carer, looking after the elderly at the weekends. His first book of poetry is in two volumes, published by Olympia, called Reflections. It gives a varied insight into his childhood life, and his experiences with the elderly, mixed with humorous situations he has encountered. It Must Be True...It Was In The News! is a completely different outlook, focusing on items that have been in the news, but catch the author's imaginative poetic style of writing. Who knows if the papers printed true events? This book takes them at face value, and turns them into enlightening verses.

All the Fun of the Fair by Paul Worts

Exclusive to the Save Dreamland Campaign, 'All the Fun of the Fair' is a brand new short story based around Dreamland and the Scenic Railway by writer and Campaign member Paul Worts. This is an uplifting tale that will send a shiver down the reader's spine. And any reader who knows their roller coaster history will get an extra pay-off at the end, as the story has a twist in its tale. Download story (PDF format).

About the author: Paul Worts lives In Chatham, Kent with his wife Isabel and nearly 2 year-old daughter Aura, but he grew up around Victoria in London. Some of his earliest memories are of visiting the then nearby Battersea Park Fun Fair in the early '70s, where he fell in love with fun fairs and amusement rides. This was followed by Bank Holiday Monday trips to the travelling fairs on Hampstead Heath after which he discovered Dreamland Margate on a trip to the seaside with his parents in the early '80s. Paul has ridden over 300 roller coasters across Europe and North America, but he will always hold a special place in his heart for the first coaster he ever rode: the 'Scenic Railway'. Paul has previously written short fiction for the award-winning horror fanzine 'Dementia 13' and is currently working on a collection of short stories related to amusement parks and rollercoasters hopefully to be published in the near future.

The Old Roller Coaster at Margate by Simon Vogel

Leading performance poet Simon Vogel, who made his mark in the Thanet area when he was poet-in-residence for the 2001 Broadstairs Folk Week, has written a poem about Dreamland's Scenic Railway. Vogel performed at Margate's Shell Grotto in February and while he was there wrote this work, which is to feature as the title piece in a forthcoming poetry booklet. He will be appearing again at this year's Broadstairs Folk Week in August. Click here for the Scenic Railway poem.


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