Dreamland, Margate: Current Applications

To view planning applications and other applications (including listed building and conservation area consent), you need to go to the website www.ukplanning.com/thanet. Just type "Dreamland" into the Street Name search box. You will then get a list of applications. Once you have opened the Case File, you can view the application forms, plans, and any supporting information. You can also make representations to the Council by clicking the "Comment on the Application" button.

Listed Building and Conservation Area Consent Applications, 29 December 2005

Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company Ltd (MTCRC), the owner of Dreamland Fun Park, has submitted applications to Thanet District Council for the demolition of five buildings in Dreamland.

Three applications for listed building consent have been submitted. These are for: the 'Park Amusements' building (formerly the buffet, pictured top right); the 'Bungalow' (formerly a toilet block, pictured bottom right); and the 'Top Sub Station' (adjacent to the Bungalow). Two applications for conservation area consent have been submitted. These are for: the former restaurant, 11-14 Belgrave Road; and Belgrave House. Both are adjacent to the Belgrave Road entrance to Dreamland.

Campaign Leader, Nick Laister, said:

"Park Amusements, the Bungalow and the Sub-Station are all listed buildings because they fall within the curtilage of the Scenic Railway and were built before 1948. That is why listed building applications have been submitted for their demolition."

Under threat: Click on above images for larger photograph.

"However, I am surprised that MTCRC has submitted these applications at this early stage, before the future of the site has been decided. The Adopted Thanet Local Plan states that there has to be a 'special overriding justification' for the demolition of a listed building. The only justification they have given is to assist with short-term management of the site, which can hardly be considered overriding."

"National listed buildings policy in PPG15 also requires that efforts are made to incorporate the building into any redevelopment plans. As we don't have any plans yet, I cannot see how this requirement can be met. In addition, very few of the other 'tests' in PPG15 have been undertaken, so I don't see how Thanet District Council could grant listed building consent."

"We also now have the Inspector's Report into the Revised Thanet Local Plan. This states that the site must remain an amusement park. These buildings may well be required in the future as part of a regenerated Dreamland. It would be unwise to allow them to be demolished at this stage."

"The two other buildings are not really part of the park, but stand on the perimeter of the property and fall within the Conservation Area. The Thanet Local Plan clearly states that the Council will only consider granting consent for demolition where there are acceptable and detailed plans for the redevelopment. This is clearly not the case here."

"It may well be that in future, when plans for the revamped amusement park are finalised, some or even all of these buildings may be demolished (although I would be very sorry to see the Park Amusements building go, as it is of architectural and historic interest and worthy of a listing on its own merits). The main point is that we simply do not know at this stage. I hope that these applications are therefore refused."

Find Out More and Comment on the Applications

The applications and supporting information can be downloaded from www.ukplanning.com/thanet. Just type "Dreamland" into the Street Name search box. The five applications are all dated 29 December 2005. Once you have opened the Case File, you can view the application forms, plans, supporting statement and photographs. You can also make representations to the Council by clicking the "Comment on the Application" button.

If people want to comment on the applications but don't like the online option, you can write to the Council. The Council address is:

Planning Applications Team
Development Services
Thanet District Council
PO Box 9
Cecil Street

You will need to quote the reference numbers: L/TH/05/1593, L/TH/05/1594, L/TH/05/1595, L/TH/05/1596 and L/TH/05/1597. One letter will suffice, as long as it is stated that it applies to all five applications.

If doing the online approach, it is probably best to respond to each application separately.

If you have any questions regarding these applications, email Nick Laister, who will do his best to help.

Our Objections

The Save Dreamland Campaign today issued a letter to Thanet District Council to object to the applications for listed building and conservation area consent to demolish several buildings at Dreamland. The letter can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.

The Decision

The five applications were all refused on 13 February 2006.


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