19. Dark Ride (former Journey into Space/Ghost Train from Pleasureland, Southport)

The 'new' Pleasureland Ghost Train opened in 1998 in the former 'Journey Into Space' building. It featured spinning cars, and reused many of the effects from Pleasureland's original Ghost Train, which closed in 1997. (Photograph: Nick Laister).

The abandoned ride at Pleasureland in May 2007. The track has been removed for use in the Dreamland Heritage Amusement Park (Photograph: Nick Laister).

The Dreamland Trust surveying the condition of the track in May 2007. (Photograph: Nick Laister).

Inside the ride in May 2007. The cars, previously used on the Journey into Space ride, have been rescued and are now in storage. (Photograph: Nick Laister).

History: Built in 1978 and formerly the Journey into Space ride, it was converted into a Ghost Train following the closure of the Pleasureland's original Ghost Train in 1997. The ride has unique spinning cars.

Dimensions: Ride system only size of building required is therefore flexible.

Importance: Several ghost trains have operated at Dreamland over the years, and the ride system from this ride can be used to recreate the attraction.

Latest: Now in storage for use in the Heritage Park. If another Ghost Train is acquired for the project, this ride system could be used to recreate an alternative ride as most of Britain's major amusement parks featured more than one dark ride. Possible future use could be a 'Journey into Space' ride, reverting back to its original use at Pleasureland, and making appropriate use of its spinning cars.

If you have any further information on the history of this ride, please email nick@savedreamland.co.uk.

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