5. Cableway (from Pleasureland, Southport)

The Cableway is formerly the Sky Ride from Pleasureland, seen here from the East Entrance of Pleasureland in October 1982 (Photograph taken from the book Pleasureland Memories by Stephen Copnall).

The Sky Ride in 1996 affording a wonderful view of Pleasureland (Photograph taken from the book Pleasureland Memories by Stephen Copnall).

Sky Ride at Pleasureland in 2002 (Photograph: Nick Laister)

The abandoned Sky Ride pictured shortly before being dismantled by the Dreamland Trust. (Photograph: Nick Laister)

The main Sky Ride motor in June 2007 moved out of its usual position ready for loading on a flatbed truck. (Photograph: Nick Laister)

History: This is the former Sky Ride from Pleasureland, Southport. This aerial cableway ride was erected at Pleasureland in 1974. The Sky Ride station was built on the site of the demolished Art Deco entrance and the ride ran along the full length of the eastern side of the grounds. The ride only features a single station.

The Sky Ride was originally operated by the Sunnysands Leisure Group. The company’s executive, Jeremy Meade, finally left Southport to concentrate on his caravan business in Wales, and the ride was eventually acquired by Pleasureland Ltd.

Dimensions: Not known.

Importance: Dreamland has never featured a chairlift ride, although they have been seen at other British seaside parks, including Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Marvel's (Scarborough) and Morecambe Pleasure Park.

Latest: The Plan currently in discussion informally with Thanet District Council is to take the Cableway ride from inside the park, through the gap in Marine Terrace, over the road and onto the Promenade.

If you have any further information on the history of this ride, please email nick@savedreamland.co.uk.

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