6. The Whip (from Pleasure Beach, Blackpool)

The Whip in 2002. (Photograph: Nick Laister).

A Whip car in 2004. (Photograph: Nick Laister).

The Whip in action in 2004. (Photograph: Nick Laister).

The striking artwork on the Whip in 2004. (Photograph: Nick Laister).

History: Patented in 1914, the Whip was manufactured by WF Mangels of Coney Island, USA and cost the Pleasure Beach $4,700.

Its patent described it as follows:

"Each car will travel along the straight portions of the track and acquire a quick centrifugal motion in passing around the curves, turns or corners, the suddenness of which causes agitation or commotion of the occupants, and hence much merriment and amusement!"

The original technical drawings for The Whip are reproduced in the book English Fairs by Ian Starsmore.

A Whip operated for many years at Dreamland, and could be seen in the film that was showing continuously at the Dreamcoaster event in Margate in May 2008.

The Whip consists of two circular platforms turned by motors which pull a cable that leads the cars around an oval steel track, whipping them as they circle each end.

According to a plaque on the ride, Blackpool's Whip is believed to have first operated at the Pleasure Beach in 1921, although this is contradicted in the book A Century of Fun, which states that it arrived in 1914, just as war was about to break out.

When it was removed from the Pleasure Beach in September 2008, it was the oldest 'flat ride' (i.e. fairground-style ride) at the park. It is the only operating full-size Whip in the UK. Junior Whips still operate at Southend's Adventure Island and Pleasure Beach Blackpool.

Dimensions: NA.

Importance: As the only surviving European Whip, this ride is very important. It is also identical to the Whip that operated for many years at Dreamland.

Latest: Now in storage for use in the Heritage Park.

If you have any further information on the history of this ride, please email nick@savedreamland.co.uk.

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