Sanger's Menagerie

Photographs of Sanger's Menagerie, which predated the amusement park at Dreamland, from postcards. Parts of the Menagerie were uncovered in 2008 and are now listed. The cards were kindly donated to the Dreamland Trust by Mick Twyman. All are postally unused except the card of animal trainer Capt G Sadlere which is dated April 23 1905.

Sanger's Gardens A view of the Gardens showing fountain. (Mick Twyman)

Sanger's Gardens Another view of the Gardens. (Mick Twyman)

Lord George Sanger Lord George Sanger and his Manager Charles Evans. (Mick Twyman) 

Sanger's camels (Mick Twyman)

Sanger's lions (Mick Twyman) 

Sanger's lion trainer (Mick Twyman)

Sanger's llama (Mick Twyman)

Sanger's ruins (Mick Twyman)

Sanger's yak (Mick Twyman)

Sanger's Zebra (Mick Twyman) 

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