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Links to other websites covering the Save Dreamland Campaign, plus information about Dreamland and the Scenic Railway. If you know of any more good Dreamland websites, email us.

Media Reports

Amusement park designs go on show
BBC News reports on the unveiling of the plans for a heritage amusement park at Dreamland (March 2009)

Fence secures Dreamland coaster
BBC News reports the construction of a £40,000 fence to protect the Scenic Railway (August 2008)

Dreamland ride 'can be rebuilt'
Nick Laister tells BBC News that he believes a rebuild of the Scenic is possible and achievable (April 2008)

Rollercoaster fire was deliberate
BBC News confirms the Scenic Railway fire was an arson attack (April 2008)

Fire rips through rollercoaster
BBC News reporting the major blaze which destroyed part of the Scenic Railway (April 2008)

Amusement rides stored for park
The Save Dreamland Campaign dismantles rides in Merseyside for possible use at Dreamland (June 2007)

Heritage idea for Dreamland site
BBC News report on the Save Dreamland Campaign's proposals (May 2007)

Dreamland to become heritage park?
Leisure Opportunities reports the Save Dreamland plans (May 2007)

Heritage park plan for Margate's Dreamland site
Kent Messenger reports the Save Dreamland Campaign's plans (May 2007)

Views sought on Dreamland future
BBC News reports on Dreamland consultation (April 2007)

Dreamland plans a 'blank canvas'
BBC News report on public consultation by Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company Ltd (February 2007).

Fun park operator wants Dreamland
BBC News reports Adventure Island owner wants to acquire Dreamland (June 2006).

Dreamland campaign is stepped up
BBC News reports the Save Dreamland Campaign submitting 350 objection forms for Local Plan (April 2006).

Dreamland's future still unclear
BBC News reports on Thanet District Council's rejection of the Inspector's recommendations (January 2006).

'Victory' for Dreamland Campaign
Campaign backed by independent government inspector - BBC News website (November 2005).

Experts plans for Dreamland site
Jean-Marc Toussaint's plans for a new Dreamland on the BBC News website (March 2005).

Dreamland site sold to developers
News of Dreamland's sale on BBC News Online (March 2005).

Dreamland Park opens for summer
Dreamland's 'temporary' reprieve for 2004 on BBC News (July 2004).

Inquiry hears rollercoaster fans
News of the public inquiry into the future of Dreamland on BBC News Online (June 2004).

Three Month Revival for Dreamland
Inaccurate news report from BBC News Online (June 2004).

Historic Seaside Theme Park Faces Demolition
Report by Nicola Woolcock in The Times (April 2004).

Former councillor charged with theft: BBC News
A report on Colin Kiddell being charged by Kent Police with theft relating to Scenic Railway Trust funds (January 2004).

Dreamland closes its doors: BBC News
Reports of the final day of Dreamland's 2003 season, with comments from Campaign members (November 2003).

Dreamland 'ranks in top 10': BBC News
Visit Britain releases figures showing that Dreamland was the UK's number 5 free-entry park in 2002 (October 2003).

Marathon ride offers roller coaster hope: BBC News
A report on the Roaring 20s Night roller coaster marathon from BBC News (September 2003).

Rollercoaster 'Could be Saved': BBC News
A report on the Save Dreamland Convention from BBC News (June 2003).

Home is where the art is
Tracey Emin and Iain Aitch discuss how to save Dreamland in the Observer (May 2003).

Seaside Special
Scenic Railway article in The Guardian newspaper by Iain Aitch (March 2002).

The demise of Dreamland only hours away
Report on the end of the 2003 season from the Kent Messenger.

Ex-councillor on roller coaster theft charge
A report from The Scotsman newspaper.

BBC Kent
Dreamland news, feedback and picture gallery.

Dream On
Excellent article in The Loop magazine

Articles on the Web

Tracey Emin: My Life in a Column
Tracey Emin on Margate and Dreamland in the Independent.
Featured an article about Dreamland and the Save Dreamland Campaign in May 2007.

Weathering the Storm
Article on seaside regeneration in the Guardian features Dreamland extensively.

Time to leave Dreamland
March 2007 article in Property Week.

20th Century Society's Building of the Month
Article on the Scenic Railway by Thanet District Council's Nick Dermott (September 2006)

The Brakeman Cometh  
Article by David Page from

Stick That On Your List Mr Blair!  
Article by David Page and Nick Laister from

Save Dreamland!
Article by Nick Laister on how the Save Dreamland Campaign is winning hearts and minds.

The Nick Laister Interview
From The Magic Eye website, now also includes an interview with Local Campaign Coordinator, Sarah Vickery.

Lew's Trip Report
A report of the Save Dreamland Convention on 1 June 2003 by Campaign member Lewis Cox.

A Reflective Look at Dreamland
Coastin' Carl's report of the American Coaster Enthusiasts visit to Dreamland in 2002.

American Midway
Some excellent photographs of Dreamland and the Scenic Railway.

Theme Park Review
The American Coaster Enthusiasts visit Dreamland on an overcast day in 2002.

Theme Parks of England
A review of a visit to Dreamland in 2003.

Extreme Rides
Photo gallery of Dreamland taken in 2001.

One Click
Excellent images of Dreamland from this amusement park photography website.

Manor Mania's Scenic Railway Page
A visit to Dreamland and a tour of the Scenic Railway courtesy of brakeman Dave Collard. 

David Steward's Margate Photo Gallery
A gallery of photographs taken on the Campaign's successful Roaring 20s Night (September 2003).

Ride Review
A review of a ride on the Scenic Railway on

Thamesmead Gazette News
Article about the impending closure of Dreamland.

Vergane glorieŽn: The Scenic Railway
Excellent article about the Scenic Railway on the Dutch website Theme Park Vision.

Front Seat Ride on the Scenic Railway
On, viewable on Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

A Happy Marriage
Article in IAAPA Magazine, Funworld, features the Save Dreamland Campaign.

Nick Laister Interview
Campaign Leader Nick Laister talks to the editor of the Coasterforce website.

Save Dreamland@Coasterforce
Campaign page on the Coasterforce website.


Dreamland 1930
Showing the Scenic Railway, Racing Coaster and Tumble Bug in action.

Dreamland 1931
Shows the Scenic Railway, Miniature Railway, Caterpillar and Tumble Bug in action.

Dreamland 1932
Fantastic footage of numerous rides, including Dreamland's unique twin track coaster and flight simulator.

Dreamland 1936
Ignore the first part, then enjoy fantastic footage, including the Racing Coaster and Chairoplanes.

Dreamland 1938
Brief footage of Dreamland's rides in 1938.

Dreamland 1968
Footage of various rides, including a new psychedelic fun house.

Dreamland 1968
Fantastic footage of Dreamland Margate on Super 8mm cine film.

Dreamland 1970s/80s
Five-part set of excellent home movie footage by Geoff Dean.

Dreamland 1980
Clip from 1980s BBC children's drama 'Break in the Sun', filmed at Dreamland.

Dreamland 1984
Dreamland is the setting for Five Star's 1984 video for their song 'Crazy'.

Dreamland 1984
More from Dreamland in this vintage year.

Dreamland 1989
Great video of all the main Dreamland rides at the height of the Bembom era.

Dreamland 1990
Video of Dreamland in 1990 when owned by the Bembom Brothers.

Dreamland 2002
Dreamland in 2002, the final year it was operated by Jimmy Godden.

Scenic Railway POV 2003
Filmed by David Ellis at the Save Dreamland Convention in 2003

Dreamland 2005
The Save Dreamland Campaign's 'ricardobugsy' 2005 video.

Dreamland 2006
Coasterforce Live 2006.

Seaside Secrets
Channel 4 documentary about the Scenic Railway.

No 73 at Dreamland
Saturday Morning Kids show No 73.

Save the Scenic
Coasterforce's 'Save the Scenic'.
Scenic Railway
A front seat ride on the Scenic.
Scenic Railway
Another front seat ride on the Scenic.

All Go Margate
Documentary about Margate and Dreamland from the 1970s.

Dreamland Margate
By slapheadmedia

Other Information

Dreamland Racing Coaster
Rare photographs of the Racing Coaster and other rides on flickr.

Dreamland Unofficial Website
Campaign member Ian Collins has put together an unofficial park site, including prices and opening times.

National Amusement Park Historical Association
List of the world's oldest operating roller coasters.

Roller Coaster Database
Information on Dreamland's roller coasters in this hugely popular international database.

The Last Resort
Highly acclaimed, but exceptionally grim, film set at Margate's Dreamland.

Just For Fun
VHS Video featuring extensive on-ride footage of the Scenic Railway at Dreamland.

Dreamland Remembered
The history of Dreamland told in this excellent book by Nick Evans, now deleted.

South East Tour 1993
This DVD visits Dreamland when operated by Bembom Brothers, and visits other south east parks and fairs.

Save Dreamland Slideshow
From the website.

Mosaic Publicity Press Release
About the Save Dreamland Convention in June 2003

RPS Group Press Release
About the listing of the Scenic Railway in June 2002

Ride the Scenic Railway
A front seat video of the Scenic Railway at Dreamland, Margate, UK.

Dreamland From the Air
Some fantastic photos taken of Dreamland in the 2005 season. Compare with this photograph of the park in the 1990s.

Margate FC
This football club was originally based at Dreamland - view photos of the Dreamland football pitch.

Details of the listed Dreamland Cinema.

Other Margate Attractions

The Shell Grotto
4.6 million shells and 2000sqft of mosaic in mysterious Grade I listed underground temple.

Friends of the Shell Grotto
Help to preserve and promote Margate's mysterious Grade I listed Shell Grotto by becoming a Friend.

Walopole Bay Hotel
Historic Margate hotel with fascinating living museum.

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