Margate Masterplan

In March 2004, Thanet District Council issued the Margate Masterplan for public consultation. The Save Dreamland Campaign objected to the Masterplan, as it is a seriously flawed document. This page contains links to further information on the Masterplan, and the Save Dreamland Campaign's concerns.

Margate Masterplan
Margate Masterplan...A Framework for the Future:  Thanet District Council's Masterplan web page, including online comments form.

Comments of the Save Dreamland Campaign (9 April 2004): Our detailed comments on the full Masterplan document (PDF, 84KB).

Letter to Thanet District Council (9 April 2004): Setting out the concerns of the Save Dreamland Campaign (PDF, 131KB).


Other Masterplan Resources
Save Dreamland Campaign Press Release dated 5 April 2004 (PDF, 78KB)

Article in The Times (8 April 2004).

Results (August 2004) The results of the public consultation on the Draft Central Margate Strategic Urban Design Framework (the ‘Margate Masterplan’) have been published (Report to Cabinet, 5th August 2004) and they are fantastic news to the Save Dreamland Campaign. This showed that the issue of Dreamland generated the most responses to the consultation (44% of all responses) “with almost all of them strongly supporting the use of the site for a major amusement park, family-based attraction” (Para 2.5). The view was also that the Council should be steadfast in its opposition to both retail and housing development on the site. The Save Dreamland Campaign urges the Council to take the results of this consultation into account in considering the future of the site.

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