News: August 2005

In  January 2003 the owner of Dreamland, Jimmy Godden, announced the closure of Dreamland. The park is to be redeveloped as "leisure boxes, some retail and a supermarket". Joyland Books will provide updates on the campaign to save Dreamland and its internationally-important Scenic Railway ride.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Funworld, one of the most important and influential magazines in the amusement park industry, features the Save Dreamland Campaign in its latest edition. Funworld is the official magazine of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). In the article, 'A Happy Marriage', writer Jim Futrell looks at how parks and enthusiasts work together. The article states:

"One of the most active efforts currently under way is the Save Dreamland Campaign, which was formed in 2003 to keep Dreamland in Margate, England, from demolition for commercial development—which would mean losing its historic Scenic Railway. Within hours of the announcement that the park was to be redeveloped, tourist industry consultant Nick Laister, who succeeded in getting the Scenic Railway listed as a historic landmark in 2002, was contacted by numerous groups and individuals seeking to preserve the 85-year-old facility, which led to the formation of the group. With more than 600,000 visitors annually, Dreamland is the most popular tourist attraction in the region. As a result, supporters include not only amusement park enthusiasts but local residents and business groups."

The article covers the campaign's recent successes and includes quotes from Campaign Leader, Nick Laister, and a photograph of former Scenic Railway brakeman, Dave Collard! Read the full article here.

Monday, 8 August 2005

We have belatedly added a report of the Save Dreamland Campaign's successful weekend at the 2005 Preston Rally. The event was held on 25 and 26 June 2005, and the Campaign had a stand packed with Dreamland photographs and memorabilia, including Billie, Dreamland's much-loved and much-missed miniature railway steam train. Campaign members Sarah Vickery, Nick Laister and Dave Collard (pictured, right) were on hand all weekend to talk to visitors and to sign up new members. And, if you read the report, you will see that we signed up quite a few new members that weekend! Click here to read the full report and view the photographs of both the event and some very interesting people with a Dreamland connection who turned up on the day.

Saturday, 6 August 2005

The Save Dreamland Campaign has been informed that Dreamland is now free entry. So far this year, entry to the park has only been allowed if ride tokens are purchased, a policy that we understand to have been unsuccessful. Rides continue to operate on a token system, but visitors can now enter and leave the park at will.